Wednesday, 28 August 2013

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More Minecraft crafting!

When my little battery powered light up chinese lantern got ripped from the tree in high winds earlier in the year, I saved the light section with a view to eventually making a DIY version of this funky redstone lamp from ThinkGeek.

Fast forward a few months to the present day and whilst tidying my daughters room, I found  an old box of long forgotten hama beads. I remembered seeing pictures online of hamabead minecraft pickaxes and tools during one of my numerous "craft" searches and thought ooooh! I could do that for her as a surprise! 

I dug about online looking for pictures to blatantly copy (LOL) and stumbled across people making 3D Minecraft figures and blocks ... seeing a pumpkin one I remembered the old broken lantern and had a eureka moment - why make boring grey redstone lamp when I could do a funky jackolantern?!

Ta dahhhhhhhhh! 

One fully working Minecraft Pumpkin Lantern :D - I love the little sparkles of light that shine through the beads and make pretty patterns on the wall - bonus! Nerdy but pretty? LOL

and of course, I couldn't take any pictures without including my crochet creeper and diamond vinyl Steve ... ^_^


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Saturday, 20 July 2013

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Amigurumi crochet creeper

My daughter is ill with vomiting and tonsillitis so what better way to cheer her up than make her a little creeper, after all, creepers need hugs too!

He was made using a free pattern from Nerdigurumi which is nice and simple to follow - I only struggled slightly attaching his big old feet ^_^

Ta darrrrr! One cute, albeit a little sad, Creeper!

Look out Steve! 


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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

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Crochet cushions

It would seem I'm "hooked" < groan! > on crochet at the moment! 

I started out with the idea of making a HUGE granny square blanket, however, after a while, I got rather bored. 

So instead of wasting the fabric swatch I'd made, I decided to turn it into a cushion ;)

Having never made a cushion before in my life, I ended up using an old Cath Kidston pillow case and hand sewing a basic envelope style back. 

Inspired by cute crochet trims I'd seen online, I tied it all together using the same cream I'd used for the front for a dinky little edging, crocheted onto a basic blanket stitch. I still need to sew a few mother of pearl buttons on to finish but it's holding together perfectly well and is now my cushion of choice when on the sofa!

I was fired up after my (sort of) success so made another cushion using this Vintage Ripple pattern by Churchmouse Yarns & Teas which I absolutely ADORE and after a dubious attempt at turning my ripple into a square (ish lol) I cheated and used an old jumper to make the back, inspired by Attic24's jumper cushion back cover post here

Ta dahhhhhh!

2 squishy new cushions :D


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Friday, 15 February 2013

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Star Wars - adventures in crochet

After gaining confidence crocheting my minecraft blanket, I wanted to try my hand at something other than boring old granny squares, so, when I stumbled across a super cute AT-AT pattern via Pinterest, I just HAD to try it!

As a total beginner, I found the pattern simple to follow, and although mine may not be perfect (to say the least!) I am completely in love with the little chap :D

Pattern from MysteriousCats on Etsy <3
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Thursday, 14 February 2013

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Minecraft cake & crochet

My house is Minecraft crazy at the moment!

For my daughter's 12th birthday I asked her what kind of cake she would like. Of course she would have to ask for a Minecraft themed one ..... eek!

I googled like crazy and saw a beautiful cake on Craftster   .... I foolishly attempted my own version. What a nightmare! After baking 4 different types of cake (including a grim looking grey sponge LOL) I got cutting.

Then assemble - then ice - then spend HOURS making papercraft figures .....

I couldn't find any blue jelly so had to make do with green jelly heavily dosed with blue food colouring. It wasn't quite the colour I was after but it would have to do. A word of warning for anyone considering dying jelly with food colouring? It WILL turn your lips and mouth blue. Haha!

I also decided in my infite wisdom that a Creeper face crochet blanket throw for her bed would make an excellent gift. I've crocheted once in my life, years ago, but hey, how hard can it be? 

Turns out, very. Also INCREDIBLY time consuming!! 

I think she was pleased with it!


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