Sunday, 17 June 2012

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How to fix a Monster High doll broken leg pin / peg

My daughter handed me her friends broken Frankie when I picked her up from school.

"I told her you could fix it mummy..." 

No pressure then!

Restringing isn't a problem but I found the doll was missing the pin in her leg joint so cue some frantic googling to find the answer.

The only thing I could find was a YouTube vid where drilling was involved. Due to me being lazy, I couldn't be bothered with all that technical stuff so after failing to fix it with wire from an old paper clip, I tried fashioning a new pin / peg from the humble cocktail stick. BINGO!

It's worked a charm :D

It's firmly wedged into place but I also added a dab of superglue just to make sure it holds up to play :)

Wasn't sure if this info is of any use to anyone but I found spending 10 mins with a cocktail stick a hell of a lot easier than going down the drill / wire route!



  1. Thanks you for your tutorial. Ma daughter was so sad after she has broken her Monster High doll's leg. I didn't know how to do because the peg was broken, but you show me that it's easy to change. I found another tutorial for the next step, here :
    And know I'm not afraid anymore if something wrong happened to Draculaura.
    Kiss from France

  2. My pleasure! I am glad it helped :-) x