Wednesday, 28 August 2013

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More Minecraft crafting!

When my little battery powered light up chinese lantern got ripped from the tree in high winds earlier in the year, I saved the light section with a view to eventually making a DIY version of this funky redstone lamp from ThinkGeek.

Fast forward a few months to the present day and whilst tidying my daughters room, I found  an old box of long forgotten hama beads. I remembered seeing pictures online of hamabead minecraft pickaxes and tools during one of my numerous "craft" searches and thought ooooh! I could do that for her as a surprise! 

I dug about online looking for pictures to blatantly copy (LOL) and stumbled across people making 3D Minecraft figures and blocks ... seeing a pumpkin one I remembered the old broken lantern and had a eureka moment - why make boring grey redstone lamp when I could do a funky jackolantern?!

Ta dahhhhhhhhh! 

One fully working Minecraft Pumpkin Lantern :D - I love the little sparkles of light that shine through the beads and make pretty patterns on the wall - bonus! Nerdy but pretty? LOL

and of course, I couldn't take any pictures without including my crochet creeper and diamond vinyl Steve ... ^_^



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