Saturday, 10 February 2018

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Fantail Shell Stitch Scarf - free crochet pattern and video tutorial!

Want a scarf to match your fingerless gloves? Your wish is my command!

Here is a simple fantail shell stitch pattern for an infinity cowl, you can however leave it as a long flat scarf if you prefer! I simply sewed the ends together using a whip stitch to convert it to a long loop I can wrap around my neck.

Without further ado, here is the pattern!

Pattern notes:

·         USA / American Terms

·         Hook size: 4.5mm

·         Yarn: Cygnet Boho Spirit from Mrs Snufflebean – I used 1 and a half balls in colourway “Zen”

·         Repeat pattern between the asterisks * …….. *

Stitches / abbreviations used:

·         Ch = Chain
·         Sc = Single Crochet
·         Hdc = Half Double Crochet
·         Dc = Double Crochet
·         Sp= space

·         Shell  = (3dc, ch1, 3dc) all into the same stitch
·         Hdc v-stitch = (hdc, ch1, hdc)  all into the same stitch

Want to learn how to do the basic stitches? See my video tutorials here!

Fantail Shell Stitch Scarf pattern video:

Fantail Shell Stitch CHART:

Fantail Shell Stitch Written Pattern:

The stitch is worked over 4 rows.

Multiple of 10 + 2


Row 1 (set up row)

1sc in 2ch from hook, 1sc in next ch.

*skip 3ch, shell in next ch, skip 3ch, 1sc in next ch, ch1, skip 1ch, 1sc in next ch* repeat 2 more times

Skip 3ch, shell in next ch, skip 3ch, 1sc in each of last 2 ch.


Row 2

Ch2 (counts as hdc), 1hdc in same stitch.

*ch3, sc in ch1 sp of shell, ch3, hdc v-stitch into next ch1 sp* repeat 3 more times

Ch3,  sc in ch1 sp of shell, ch3, 2hdc in top of last stitch.


Row 3

Ch3 (counts as dc), 3dc into same stitch

*1sc in ch3 sp, ch1, 1sc in next ch3 sp, shell in ch1 of hdc v-stitch from row below* repeat 2 more times

1sc in ch3 sp, ch1, 1sc in ch3 sp, 4dc in top of ch2 from row below.


Row 4

Ch1, 1sc in same stitch

*ch3, hdc v stitch into next ch1 sp, ch3, 1sc in ch1 sp of shell* repeat 3 more times placing last sc into the top of the ch3 from row below.


Row 5

Ch1, 1sc in same stitch

*1sc in ch3 sp, shell in ch1 sp of hcd v-stitch from row below, 1sc in next ch3 sp, ch1* repeat 2 more times

1sc in ch3 sp, shell in ch1 sp of hdc v stitch from row below, 1sc in ch3 sp, 1sc into last stitch.


Repeat rows 2 – 5 until scarf is desired length.


  1. Just discovered your blog through instagram, I think you're amazing! Thank you for the joy of reading your blog and the beautiful patterns!

  2. Your tutorial is extremely helpful. As a beginner it helps so much to be able to see your movements so clearly. Amazing pattern. Can't wait to finish making mine. Thanks!

  3. Gorgeous pattern, Thank you! Now we just need a hat.......

  4. Love the scarf and working on it right now! Would admittedly like a hat pattern as well if you have a chance.

  5. How did you join edges to make it an infinity scarf?

    1. In her video in comments she explained how she did that. Here is what she said "Hiya! I ended on a non shell row - so one of the v stitch set up rows - I eyeballed it so didn't note down which row unfortunately! I sewed them together with a bog standard whip stitch - you don't really notice the join at all so I don't think it matters massively where you end :-)"

  6. I am loving doing this pattern, thank you. Can I ask what length you made yours please?