Friday, 16 January 2015

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Rooster Almerino Yarn

I absolutely ADORE Rooster Almerino Yarn. It is a little bit on the expensive side but is perfect for making things that you really want to love, use, wear, wash and still have look good whilst standing up to the test of time. 

I discovered it last year at my local yarn shop, The Periwinkle in Ilfracombe. I was looking to “treat” myself to some truly special yarn for my first Nordic Shawl. Tonia, the lovely owner of The Periwinkle, suggested I try some Almerino DK and the colour pallet was just too tempting to ignore! Armed with my bundle of rather lavish yarn, I started working on my shawl and within a few minutes was blown away by how beautiful the yarn was to work with. Up until that point I had only really used acrylics and cheaper yarns so was pleasantly surprised to realise just WHY people spend more on expensive yarns!

I finished my rather pricey shawl and felt a little guilty, however, given I wear it pretty much most days, the guilt has long since worn off haha! It gets flung on the back of my chair, sat on, crumpled, worn and yet it still looks just as good as it did the day I made it. No bobbling, no loose threads and still just as heavy, warm and beautifully drapey as ever.

I was sold.

I went on to make a second Nordic Shawl using the Almerino Aran, lighter and easier to wear in the summer months yet just as squishy, soft and lovely to work with as the DK.

(If any of you have visited The Periwinkle over the last few months you may have seen the aran weight version of my shawl as it has been living in the shop since it was used in the window last the summer haha!)

I also made two baby blankets for friends of mine who were expecting, a Vintage Ripple (pattern by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas)  for a little boy and a Round Ripple (pattern by Celeste Young) for a little girl.

My friend uses her blanket every day for her little man. When she popped over to visit last week I was surprised to see the blanket has held its shape 7 months later even after washing and daily use and, although there were a few chunks of rusk attached, it looked just as good as ever. 

I even had enough left over to make a ripple cushion and a vegetable baby mobile from my left over scraps.

Impressive stuff from Rooster!

Can you tell I love this yarn? ^_~



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