Thursday, 30 April 2015

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Baby Blanket Ta Dahhh (plus border edging pattern)

A couple of weeks ago I set a new record for myself. I started and completed a baby blanket in 3 days. THREE DAYS. That sounds fast, however, the reality was that I didn't leave the my seat in that entire time, have left a permanent butt grove in the sofa and am now suffering from chronic tennis elbow (more about that in later posts haha!) 

Crochet is normally a relaxing happy pastime but not this blanket! I was in a panic to finish and can safely say, I will never churn out another blanket so fast ever again. I am maintaining that this particular blanket has nothing to do with my TERRIBLE time management and is in fact down to her being born prematurely. That is my official line. I will gloss over the fact that I knew she was going to be premature and that I also knew weeks in advance that she could have been born any day….

When I posted the photos on Instagram, I had a lot of people asking about the pattern and my border so I will tackle both those things in this post!

Firstly the pattern. It is from, this square doesn’t seem to have a name but it is very pretty! The direct link to the pattern is here – I initially found the written instructions a little tricksy (no idea why, clearly I was having a brain fart day) so instead followed the chart that is available in the downloadable PDF.

I continued my square until it was roughly the right size I wanted and then stopped.

The scalloped edging was a little too flouncy for my liking so I squared it off.

The border is 2 rounds, the first round was to square off the scallop, the second round was a round of crab stitch.

I have drawn a rough chart for you to see the stitches I used for the squaring off. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below and I will do my best to help!

A word of warning if you follow my instructions for the edging: YOU WILL NEED TO BLOCK THE BLANKET. There is no escaping the blocking I’m afraid. I hate blocking with a passion so I can only apologise for this! Haha!

You may find that going down a hook size will help avoid the need to block but as I was rushing (and therefore not thinking) I used the same size hook for the entire blanket so haven’t tested it myself.

Blanket Stats:

Yarn: Rooster Almerino Aran
Hook size: 5.5mm

Time: 3 crochet intensive days where I only took pee and sleep breaks LOL


  1. You don't need to block if you change the stitch count, try a shell of six instead of Severn double crochets, and in the other row between the V stitches try chaining 5st instead of 6 really helps to tighten it up with no blocking.... I love the edge just what I was looking for thankyou for the tutorial

    1. Do you mean on just the last row to change the stitch count...not the whole blanket..correct

  2. On your pink parts of the blanket...are those done on the chains...I am thinking so (?) of all the ones I looked at yours is the most beautiful colorway...

    1. Yep just the chains and thank you! :D x

  3. Hi Robin! I absolutely love your work. Beautiful!! If I wanted to make this bigger, which rows would I go to and start repeating? I would love to make this pattern for our King Size bed.Thank you so much for sharing and you definitely have a new follower.

  4. Looks like a German shell stitch blanket. I have made several and didn't have to block any, I even made a tablecloth with #3 weight and a 1.75 mm hook. Very pretty blanket though.