Monday, 31 December 2018

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Lightly textured crochet hexagon motif - free pattern and video tutorial!

Hello lovely people of the internet! Long time no blog.

2018 has been a crazy year for me, it started by getting married in April, followed by a mind blowing trip to America for our honeymoon then hit the ground running by bagging myself a new full time job – it seems like only yesterday I was releasing my Lotus Flower Blanket pattern – where has time gone?

In any quiet moments I have been attempting to tackle my HUGE yarn stash, starting with my “work” yarn. I made the decision to stop craft fairs / selling crochet this time last year and boy do I have a lot of yarn! :O

Many a scrap blanket has been made and I thought it was high time I share some of my motif designs that I have been sitting on. I initially put pressure on myself to have finished blankets to show the motifs off to their best but with life being so busy now, that is never going to happen so over the next few months I will be releasing crochet motifs for you to turn into blankets on my behalf LOL

First up, my lightly textured hexagon motif.

I will eventually release a half hexi to accompany the full hexagon but for now, here is the full.

For this motif, I have started a blanket using my cotton yarns – this gives lovely stitch definition and gorgeous weight to the blanket! I grabbed a bundle of different colours and have been picking at random for the colour placement.


I am using Stylecraft Cotton Classique, a couple of balls of Three Bears Cotton Affection and for a bit of sparkle, I have snuck in a ball of Sidar Soukie and a sparkly silver cheap acrylic which I think I got from B&M.

This hexagon has a lot of stitches designed to squish up to give a light texture. Due to this, I advise using a hook size slightly larger than your yarn recommends.

Pattern notes:

·         USA / American Terms

·         Hook size: 4.5mm

·         Yarn: Random selection of mostly cottons, DOUBLE KNIT.

·         Repeat pattern between the asterisks * …….. *  X amount of times

·         Pattern notes / explanations specific to each row (info inside bracket written in italics)

Stitches / abbreviations used:

·         MR = Magic Ring 
·         Ch = Chain
·         Dc = Double Crochet
·         Tr = Treble Crochet
·         Ss = slip stitch
·         Sp= space

Want to learn how to do the basic stitches? See my crochet stitch video tutorials here!

If you spot any errors or typos in this pattern PLEASE shout

OK so lets begin!

Start with a MR  (or substitute for chain 4, join with ss to create a small ring)

Round 1 – working into the MR

Ch5 (counts as 1dc, ch2)

*3dc, ch2* x 5

2dc, ss to 3rd chain of initial ch5

Ss into first chain space

Pull ring closed

Round 2

Ch6 (counts as 1dc, ch3)

Working into the chain spaces from round below: 

*3dc, ch3, 3dc* into the next 5 chain spaces around the hexagon.

2dc into first initial chain space, ss to 3rd chain of initial ch6.

Ss into chain space

Round 3

Ch6 (counts as 1dc, ch3) 3dc, 1tr, ch1.

Working into the chain spaces from the round below: 

*1tr, 3dc, ch3, 3dc, 1tr, ch1* into the next 5 chain spaces around the hexagon.

1tr, 2dc into the first initial chain space, ss to 3rd chain of initial chain.

 Cut yarn and weave in your ends! J

To join as you go:

Complete one hexagon.

For joining your second (and any subsequent hexagons to each other) substitute the ch1 on the 3rd round for a slip stitch to the corresponding ch1 on the hexagon you are joining to.

On the corners, substitute the 2nd chain for a slip stitch so: ch1, ss, ch1

If you have any questions about this pattern / spot any errors / notice any typos but holler!

I would absolutely LOVE to see any hexagons (especially completed blankets) you may make – please feel free to tag me in your photos on Instagram (I am @puddnhead) or post them to my Facebook page here! <3

Happy crocheting!

Robin x


  1. Thanks so much for a fun pattern/tutorial!! Just a note - the video explains on round 2 at the beginning, you ch6 and that counts as 1dc and ch3, but in the written instructions above, it does not mention doing the second half of that first point - 3dc, before moving onto the other 5 points so the second half of that point is missing. I hope I am explaining what I mean. I think it should have something like Ch 6 (counts as 1dc and ch3) 3dc in same space. then move onto the instructions as written. Cheers - Ann

  2. The second half of the first point is done at the end of the round :-) so you start with ch6 (1dc + ch3) and at the end of each round you end on 2dc (creating the 2nd and 3rd DC's of the first point) I hope that makes sense! Xx