Thursday, 14 February 2013

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Minecraft cake & crochet

My house is Minecraft crazy at the moment!

For my daughter's 12th birthday I asked her what kind of cake she would like. Of course she would have to ask for a Minecraft themed one ..... eek!

I googled like crazy and saw a beautiful cake on Craftster   .... I foolishly attempted my own version. What a nightmare! After baking 4 different types of cake (including a grim looking grey sponge LOL) I got cutting.

Then assemble - then ice - then spend HOURS making papercraft figures .....

I couldn't find any blue jelly so had to make do with green jelly heavily dosed with blue food colouring. It wasn't quite the colour I was after but it would have to do. A word of warning for anyone considering dying jelly with food colouring? It WILL turn your lips and mouth blue. Haha!

I also decided in my infite wisdom that a Creeper face crochet blanket throw for her bed would make an excellent gift. I've crocheted once in my life, years ago, but hey, how hard can it be? 

Turns out, very. Also INCREDIBLY time consuming!! 

I think she was pleased with it!



  1. Wow! Can I have the pattern for the blanket? I've been looking everywhere for one and I can't find any!

    1. Hi Krista - there is no set pattern as such, I simply crocheted granny squares in different shades of greens, some cream and black, then laid them out in the right pattern before sewing them together! All in all there are 44 green squares and 20 black! I hope that helps :) x

  2. This is amazing!! My son would absolutely love this!! I'm a total novice, but I think I will try to learn the granny square and attempt to make it for him. Thanks for the inspiration!! :)

    1. I was a TOTAL novice but found making simple granny squares the perfect introduction to crochet :D My daughter still loves this blanket 2 years later! I hope you made one for your son! x